New Year, New Recording

As Chordiality members look forward to the New Year with a new programme, the choir is also pleased to add a new recording to its list of YouTube videos.

The recording is of the popular song An American Trilogy, a choral favourite which the choir has sung in concert on many occasions.

The song was produced in spring last year but put on the back burner until now for a New Year release.  The singers recorded the piece individually in their own homes and it was then carefully patched together by recording expert Richard Reeday. 

The Trilogy, adapted by Alwyn Humphreys, is based on the original arrangement by American songwriter and recording artist Mickey Newbury.

Newbury put the three-song medley together in 1971 to much acclaim, but the piece saw success again a year later when Elvis Presley sang it in concert and released it as a single.  It became a standard feature of Presley‘s concerts.

Chordiality’s singers will return to rehearsals at the end of January and start work on the choir’s new 2022 programme, A Celebration of British Music.

More details about the programme and future concerts, two already confirmed, will be announced in the coming weeks.