Caccini’s Ave Maria – 5,775 views on YouTube and climbing!

— Chordiality delights in welcoming musicians to feature at its concerts and one regular guest artist is flautist Rosie Walsh (pictured below).  Rosie is an accomplished musician and instrumental teacher, and she has joined the choir on a number of occasions.  One such occasion was particularly special for both choir and musician and it took place during the Covid Lockdown of 2020. 

Flautist Rosie Walsh – click hear to listen to Chordiality’s recording of Caccini’s Ave Maria

As the UK locked down for the pandemic in the March of that year, Chordiality, like many musical groups, continued to meet weekly using the online communications platform, Zoom.  As summer turned to autumn and with the likelihood of the much-anticipated Christmas concerts looking slim, an idea was hatched to produce an online version.  This would involve all the choir members recording their individual parts, in their own homes, and then a recording expert cleverly sewing all the parts together to produce a full and complete version of the song.  One of the pieces chosen to feature was the beautiful Caccini’s Ave Maria for choir and flute solo, and Rosie agreed to record the flute accompaniment. 

At the same time that the Christmas Concert went live, all the individual pieces were uploaded as standalone items on to Chordiality’s YouTube site, including the Ave Maria.  Listeners just flocked it and the numbers viewing just flew with people tuning in by the day.  The current total, at the time of writing, stands at 5,775 views but the choir expects this figure to rise 6,000 by Easter. 

Our thanks and congratulations go to Rosie for playing so beautifully on the recording.  To hear Chordiality, accompanied by Rosie, perform Caccini’s Ave Maria, click on this YouTube link.  To hear other recordings by Chordiality, click here to go to our YouTube site.

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