Lockdown recording

The choir is pleased to announce the release of its first lockdown single, with more to follow.  

Chordiality members have been meeting regularly on Sunday evening for a ‘virtual sing’ using the remote conferencing platform, Zoom.

Despite some technical drawbacks, a good time has been had by all, not least in being able to see one another, catch up and enjoy a good sing.  

The weekly get-togethers now follow a regular format and such has been their success that Chordiality decided to take things a step further and produce a recording of members singing together, but in isolation.  The John Rutter favourite A Prayer Of Saint Patrick was selected as the piece to record.

Each choir member recorded themselves singing their respective part and then the singers were sewn together by sound technician, and friend of the choir, Richard Reeday.  Richard’s work was incredible and the end result sounded just like the choir had sang together.

“I chose A Prayer Of Saint Patrick because it is relatively short, just one minute, 15 seconds long, and Rutter’s delicate harmonies would be nicely balanced across each section of the choir,” said Music Director Peter Sherlock.

“I then sent all the singers a recording of me playing the piece on the piano and they recorded their individual parts to it.  When I listened to what Richard managed to create, it was amazing.  We are very much indebted to him for his work.”

Chordiality now has plans to record more pieces and will start soon with As Long As I Have Music.